Construction solutions in plaster, based on an integral and versatile system, with excellent seismic behavior, fire resistance, acoustic insulation and thermal insulation.

Allows to adapt to all the needs within a work and meets the most varied requirements: dividing walls, ceilings and coverings. Recommended for use in all types of new and remodeling works, residential complexes, hotels, health, educational institutions and shopping centers.

Gyplac Plaster sheets come in three presentations: Standard (½ "and 3/8" thickness), Moisture Resistant (RH) and Fire Resistant (RF). In addition, you can order the EXSOUND Gypsum sheet, designed specifically for applications requiring high acoustic performance such as conference rooms, auditoriums, cinemas, etc.

Advantages of the system:

Quick Installation: It is simple so it requires simple tools. The time for installation is very small.

Ease of handling: Because it is a light system it is easy to store, transport and handle.

Minimal waste and maximum cleaning: By their easy planning and control over inputs, they limit wastes that in turn generate cost overheads.

Provision of Ideal of Facilities: The spaces generated by the internal structure and the plates allow the passage of electrical and hydraulic installations without deterioration of the construction and easy location at the time of repair or maintenance at any time.

Low Weight: This allows a considerable reduction of dead loads, decreasing their incidence in the structure and cost of the foundation

Programming of insulation: With this system it is possible to program thermal and acoustic insulation by varying the thickness of the sheet and introducing insulation in the space generated between them.

Easy application of finishes: Finishes such as paints, veneers or stone can be easily applied following the manufacturer's instructions.

Easy and fast adaptation of spaces: Space can be quickly renewed, reusing much of the material removed without damaging the existing construction.

Seismoresistance: The composition of these structures allow assimilation of changes. Deformations and to avoid collapses or overturnings of walls, thanks to its condition of flexibility and lightness.

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